Sallekha Sutta – Prior Lake, USA

Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero conducted a seven day meditation retreat at Prior Lake, Minneapolis, USA during end June 2017. The Dhamma discourses were based on Sallekha Sutta, the 8th Sutta of Majjhima Nikaya. This is a very important Sutta and according to Mahasi Sayadaw, the self-training leading to lessening of defilements or Kilesa forms the subject of this Sutta. The sutta is beneficial to both the meditation practitioners and and non-practitioners alike. The sutta contains over forty unwholesome characteristics and their wholesome counterparts.

In Sallekha Sutta, Ven. Mahā Cunda visits the Buddha at Jetavana and asks the Buddha as to how to get rid of the various false views current about self and the universe. The Lord Buddha answers that it is by right comprehension of the fact that there is no “mine,” “I” or “self.” The Buddha then goes on to explain how false views can be expunged, how the will may be developed, and how emancipation could be found.

Please click the following link to reach the text of the sutta in Sinhala from සල්ලෙඛ සූත්‍රය

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  1. 01. Pre-Retreat Discussion.
  2. 01.1 Dhamma Talk 01_Sallekha Sutta-Day 01
  3. 02. Q&A 01_Sallekha Sutta-Day 01
  4. 03. Dhamma Talk 02_Sallekha Sutta-Day 02
  5. 04. Q&A 02_Sallekha Sutta-Day 02
  6. 05. Dhamma Talk 03_Sallekha Sutta-Day 03
  7. 06. Q&A 03_Sallekha Sutta-Day 03
  8. 07. Dhamma Talk 04_Sallekha Sutta-Day 04
  9. 08. Q&A 04_Sallekha Sutta-Day 04
  10. 09. Dhamma Talk 05_Sallekha Sutta-Day 05
  11. 10. Q&A 05_Sallekha Sutta-Day 05
  12. 11. Dhamma Talk 06_Sallekha Sutta-Day 06
  13. 12. Q&A 06_Sallekha Sutta-Day 06

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