Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero conducts a Sutta teaching in English via Zoom session every Wednesdays in Sri Lankan time. These Sutta explanations are followed by Question and Answer sessions.

To join the program on Zoom use the below link and meeting ID/password:
Meeting ID: 695 744 3611
Password: 642885

🙏A Kind Reminder to Participants:

Please refrain from talking/commenting while the Ven. Thero is conducting a Dhamma sermon or when the Ven. Thero is answering a question by switching on your microphone. This happened during the second recording of the program on 13 September 2020, and the overlapped voices cannot be repaired through audio editing.

Given below are the local commencing times of the program.

  • SL: Wednesday at 7am
  • USA: Tuesday 9:30pm
  • AEST: Wednesday 11:30am
  • UK: Wednesdays 2am

This program is coordinated from USA by Jennifer Chang.

Please click the following links to reach the respective web pages;

  1. Mulapariyaya Sutta.
  2. Satipatthana Sutta.
  3. Brahmana Sutta – April 2021
  4. Madhupindika Sutta – August 2021
  5. Anapanasati Sutta – November 2021
  6. Maha-suññata Sutta – January 2022
  7. Salayatana-vibhanga Sutta – March 2022
  8. Potthapada Sutta – March 2022.
  9. Upaya Sutta – May 2022.
  10. Khajjaniya Sutta – May 2022
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