Most Ven. Mankadawala Sudassana Thero

Venerable Mankadawala Sudassana Thero is the Chief Meditation Master of Labunoruwakanda Forest Monastery at Muriyakadawela, Galenbindunuweva, Sri Lanka. He is unique in his way of delivering the Buddha’s message to us. The Thero’s talks are enriched with concepts and explanations from Abhidhamma yet demonstrating the direct application of Dhamma in daily life for purification of the mind. The Thero encourages us to verify whether what we hear as Dhamma is in conformity with the four noble truths.

Dhamma Talk No.03 is highly recommended as it is an eye opener. The Maha Thero gets the listeners to investigate whether they have the ‘Right View’.

Dhamma Talk No. 04 is on කිංසුකොපම සූත්‍රය. It is a far better recording than the earlier Dhamma Talk conducted at මාකුඹුර during heavy rains on 18-05-2016.

The Dhamma Talk nos. 05 and 06 are of a much better audio quality than previous audio files available in websites. These very valuable Dhamma Talks are presented here after further improvements in audio quality.

To listen directly: Please left click on the link to listen directly. Once the link is clicked, you will be directed to a separate page containing the talk. Usually the file starts to play in that window. If it doesn’t you could highlight the browser window and click ‘reload this page’. It will start to play.

To download: You could download the file by right clicking on the link and then selecting “save as” from the drop down menu.

  1. Salayatana_11 September 2001
  2. Urgency Required
  3. 03 Vesak Poya Mihindu Āranya_21-05-2016
  4. 04 Vesak Poya Labunoruwakanda Āranya_21-05-2016
  5. 05 කර්ම සූත්‍රය_දුරුතු පෝය දින_23-01-2016
  6. 06 දිගන දී කළ දේශනාව_02-04-2016
  7. 07 රුපයේ උදය වය – BMICH_11-06-2016




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