Are you an Unsung Hero ?

A short 3 minutes video clip sent by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero is given below. It is a heartwarming Thai TV Commercial.

It took this writer down the memory lane to a time he used to visit Thailand regularly due to work commitments. To a time he used to meet such noble characters as depicted in this short 3 minutes video clip. They were actual people of flesh and blood and came from all walks of life. One such person was Som Chunharas, once his immediate superior and the Head of Asia Pacific of the largest privately held Dermatological Company of the world at the time. Another similar Thai real person was Thanin Siriwattanakosol. The same generosity, kindness, unruffled calmness permeated through their day to day actions and living. It is a privilege to have known them.

The same type of Thai people could be met in ‘spirit’ when we read some of the books written by Ajahn Brahm. Such noble people empower us.

Some say that there is a Silent Revolution taking place in the world today. It is a revolution of Goodness happening all over the world.

Are you – a part of it?

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