One Day Meditation Retreats in English

One day meditation programs target the Newcomers to Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya Monastery. This is a series conducted in English.

It is important to stress the following during these One Day Meditation programs;

  • The Motto of Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery is ‘Nibbana in this Very Life’. The Yogis are encouraged to take this Path of ‘Appamada’, diligence or mindfulness from the very beginning and gradually advance along the Path. The Center provides 3 days, 7 days, 10 days and 15 days residential meditation retreats to help the Yogis in this quest. If they want to attend longer retreats, those Advanced Yogis could even proceed to Burma to attend two months long intensive Vipassana Meditation retreats. They do 18 hours of formal practice for each day at such retreats. Finally if they are willing – they are very much encouraged to plunge all the way to become Monks or Nuns. This is the Transcendental Path.
  • However, the majority of the people doesn’t meditate or practice Mindfulness. Let alone 18 hours most of them don’t even practice for 25-30 minutes each day. This may be the case with most Newcomers who attend the one Day programs. We decided to introduce the Secular Mindfulness in addition to the Transcendental Path due to that reality. As a result a larger number of people may become daily practitioners – gradually. Besides there is a striking relationship between ‘Choiceless Awareness’ taught in Secular Mindfulness and ‘Momentary Access Concentration’ taught in Pure Vipassana teaching. As such, the practitioners of Secular Mindfulness will also be able to enter the Transcendental Path much easier than those who don’t practice at all.

Please click on the following links to reach the relevant web pages connected to these the programs.

  1. One Day Meditation Retreat in English_01 May 2014
  2. The American Congressman Tim Ryan and Mindfulness Meditation_17 May 2014

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