The American Congressman Tim Ryan and Mindfulness Meditation

This web page was created as a response to a question rose at the One Day Meditation Retreat in English_01 May 2014.  A young participant of that meditation retreat wanted to find out more details regarding the involvement of American Politicians in mindfulness meditation together with the current state of Mindfulness Revolution in the USA.

The most prominent advocate of Mindfulness Meditation among the American Politicians is the Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan. He has attended meditation retreats and practice meditation on a daily basis. He has even written a book titled A Mindful Nation; How a Simple Practice can Help us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance and Recapture the American Spirit’. In addition he has organized weekly Mindful meditation sitting for the Politicians called ‘Quiet Time’.

Mr. Tim Ryan further mentions that a Silent Revolution is taking place in the United States of America as a result of Mindfulness Meditation. To quote a small para written by Jon Kabat Zinn in the forward to the book ‘A Mindful Nation’;

‘Tim Ryan shows us a way that is continually unfolding and which promises not a utopian end point, but a way of being that could well serve our deepest needs and aspirations as a nation to generations to come.’

Given below is a link to a short 6 minutes video clip titled ‘A Mindful Nation with Congressman Tim Ryan’. One advice to those in the Sri Lankan meditative circles: please do not laugh at their attempts to sit on the bare floor. Even most untrained Sri Lankans cannot do that properly. It is always good to keep in mind that the Burmese meditation practitioners laugh at the Sri Lankans attempting to sit on the bare floor. It’s all relative! Please click on the following link to reach the web page of the Video.

Video Clip: A Mindful Nation with Congressman Tim Ryan

It will be very useful to read the free public portion of the book ‘A Mindful Nation’. You will need to have a Kindle reading application for that. A free Kindle application could be downloaded from the link given below and you could install it in your computer, Smart Phones (even Blackberry), or tablets (iPad or Android). Free Kindle Reading App.

Please click the link given below if you wish to purchase the full e-book from
A Mindful Nation: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance, and Recapture the American Spirit
Please click the link below if you wish to purchase the ‘paperback book’ from the Book Depository. They give free worldwide delivery.

Link to the paperback book from Book


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