Dhamma Discussion with Monks at Elahera – Rahathun Wadi Maga

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We are pleased to offer you a special Dhamma discussion Ven. Rajagiriye Ariyagñāna (the Unknown Forest Monk from Sri Lanka), Thero conducted with a group of meditative monks at Elahera, Sri Lanka during October 2013.

This is a previously unpublished recording. The discussions cover various topics of deep Dhamma and are conducted over 4 hours. We will present it in sections as a series in Dhamma Clips. Please note that we will be omitting certain portions of the discussion. This is done due to the Rules of Vinaya among the Monks.

These first three Dhamma Clips are valuable specifically due to the following reasons;

  • Most of the Practitioners fix their effort to a goal such as achievement of Jhana or even Nibbana. This fixations sometimes develop to a level of obsession and thus become obstacles to the Path. It is clearly stated by the great teachers that the first real glimpse of Nibbana is seen only at the realization of the first Magga Phala – at the level of the Stream Entry. It is good to have a goal but at the same time we need to understand that we don’t really ‘know the nature of the state’ till we get there. That may be the reason as to why teachers ask us to – ‘Just do it’. They mean the Noble 8 fold Path.

Another valuable advice given by another teacher could be listened here. අනිමිත්ත චේතෝ විමුක්තිය සහ නිරෝධ සත්‍යය. That will provide another broader perspective of the Path.

To listen directly:  Please left click on the link to listen directly. Once the link is clicked, you will be directed to a separate page containing the talk. Usually the file starts to play in that window. If it doesn’t, you could highlight the browser window and click ‘reload this page’. It will start to play. 

 To download: You could download the file by right clicking on the link and then selecting “save as” from the drop down menu.

Dhamma Clips from No.12 to No.14 were uploaded on 04 June 2014. 

  1. 01 Important consideration for a Monk or a Nun_Rahathun Wadi Maga
  2. 02 Don’t get caught up in ‘Good Things’ like Jhana_Rahathun Wadi Maga
  3. 03 Even Bojjanga Dhamma has to be given up – in order to progress!_Rahathun Wadi Maga
  4. 04 Develop Jhana with the Knowledge of its changing nature_Rahathun Wadi Maga
  5. 05 Giving up the need to Existence As It Is_Rahathun Wadi Maga
  6. 06 Development of the Right Path_Rahathun Wadi Maga
  7. 07 First develop the Rupa Kammattāna_Rahathun Wadi Maga
  8. 08 The Importance of Watha_වත – Rahathun Wadi Maga
  9. 09 The Ideal Solitude and the Development of the Path- Rahathun Wadi Maga
  10. 10 Nibbidā – Rahathun Wadi Maga
  11. 11 The Middle Path and the Right Effort – Rahathun Wadi Maga
  12. 12. Let’s Mind our Own Business.
  13. 13. Sakkāya Dhittiya.
  14. 14. The Simplicity of Dhamma.

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