Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero

A Buddhist monk walking on a forest path.

Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero is a young, senior monk from Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery. The Thero has proficiency in both Sinhala and English. He spent many years at Nā Uyana meditation center before coming to Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Monastery. The Thero has more than 10 years of Vassa.  The Dhamma listeners first got an introduction about Ven. Chandaratana at Allenmathiniyaramaya and later at Sri Gnanarama, Thalawathugoda.

We are very pleased to provide below the links to the Dhamma Programs conducted by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero in English medium. These Dhamma sermons and answers are of high value and comprise invaluable Dhamma insights. The answers reflect a deep understanding of the Vipassana meditative Path. Ven. Chandaratana displays a surprising freshness coupled with simplicity, compassion and humility when answering complex questions. The answers are direct and penetrating and yet the Yogi feels quite at ease when listening to them.

Please click on the links below to reach the respective web pages;

Silavanta Sutta_Kalalgoda Vipassana Center (Some of the sessions) – 2017
Maha Taṇhasaṇkhaya Sutta_Kalalgoda Vipassana Center – 2018
Dhatu-vibhanga Sutta_Kalalgoda Vipassana Center – 2018
Anapanasati Sutta_Kalalgoda Vipassana Center – 2019
Sutta_Teachings_in_English – 2020 – (This is a separate web page with many different Sutta Teachings)
Majjhe Sutta – December 2020
Sunakkhatta Sutta – Kalalgoda Vipassana Center – January 2022
Upanisa Sutta – Kalalgoda Vipassana Center – March 2022

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  1. I desperately and urgently need guidance on reducing/abolishing Raga Anusaya in my mind/winyanaya. I have stopped all bad raga actions but the thoughts keep coming to mind. Can someone help me please?

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  3. How to listen to English sermons of Panadure Chandtatatane Himi and U eiriyagama Dhammajeewa Thero
    Please advise . I want to send this to an American who is interested in Buddhism .Thanks

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