One Day Retreats at Nissaranavanaya (In Sinhala)

The forest water stream at Nissaranavanaya Monastery

The forest water stream at Nissaranavanaya Monastery. The water supply to the monastery is connected from this stream.

A novel program of One Day Retreats was commenced at the serenity of Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery from October 2016. It is a once a month program conducted by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero in Sinhala medium. The program commences at 7.30 am for the benefit of those travelling from distant places like Colombo. The lunch and Tea will be provided for the attendees.

This program caters for both the beginners and the experienced.

The program conducted on 4 March 2017 was very valuable to the Yogis. Some invaluable explanations were given by the Thero during the Questions and Answer period. The Ven. Thero proceeded on as to how the Seven Factors of Enlightenment (Sapta Bojjanga) is developed during the Kāyānupassanā level by the ardent practitioner of Anāpanasati meditation.

The program is organized by Mr. Lakmal Nandasiri. Please contact him for further details on his mobile number 0773336237.

The next program is scheduled for 01 April 2017. 

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