16th Sixty Day Intensive Retreat – Panditarama, Myanmar

A scenic view of Panditarama Forest Center

The Most Venerable Sayadaw U Pandita (Ovādacariya Sayādaw U Paṇḍitābhivaṃsa) of Myanmar is one of the foremost living masters of Vipassana meditation. Each year he conducts a 60 day intensive Vipassana meditation retreat at the Panditarama Forest Meditation center. He had been diligently conducting this retreat for many years. We are pleased to present the recordings of the 16th Special Retreat conducted from 1 December 2014 to 31 January 2015.

These Dhamma talks conducted in Burmese are translated into English by Sayalay Ma Vajirani. The Dhamma talks of this retreat are very useful to serious Yogis who wish to learn the Path from the beginning.  The focus of the retreat is the development of Satipatthana.

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