Vipaththi Sutta

Let the Dhamma be a Lighthouse during 2015!

Let the Dhamma be a Lighthouse during the year 2015! 

At the dawn of the year 2015, we are quite pleased to present a valuable Sutta discourse which is like a Lighthouse to a weary Sailor! Lighthouses guide the Sailors through stormy nights and help them to avoid perils of the rough seas. Similarly the following Sutta discourse will help us to reach safety travelling through the unending sea of Samsara. It is especially relevant to Sri Lankans in the present context.

The Sutta explains about Sila Vipaththi (සීල විපත්ති), Chitta Vipaththi (චිත්ත විපත්ති) and Dhitti Vipaththi (දිට්ඨි විපත්ති) and elaborates further as to how those could become Sila Sampaththi (සීල සම්පත්ති), Chitta Sampaththi (චිත්ත සම්පත්ති) and Dhitti Sampaththi (දිට්ඨි සම්පත්ති).  Please click here to reach the webpage of the Sutta