Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta

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The statue of the Buddha at Wat Muang, Ang Thong, Thailand.

Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero conducted a 5 days long residential retreat at Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Monastery in early May 2019 based on Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta. This sutta from Chathukka Nipata of Anguttara Nikaya was preached by Most Ven. Ananda Thero at the city named Samugiya to Koliyas. 

This is another ”forgotten” and yet a very important Sutta in Sutta Pitaka. What was started in RET 208 Samatha & Vipassana gets lifted up to another higher, deeper level through these discourses conducted by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero.

This valuable Sutta explains the four efforts needed for the purification of behaviour, mind, vision and liberation. These are;

  1. Sila Parisuddhi Padhaniyanga.
  2. Citta Parisuddhi Padhaniyanga
  3. Ditthi Parisuddhi Padhaniyanga
  4. Vimutti Parisuddhi Padhaniyanga.

Please click the following link to reach the text of the Sutta from;
සාපූගිය සූත්‍රය

Please click the following link to reach the text of the sutta in English from ‘Theravada Forest’;
AN 4,194 Samugiya Sutta – Samuga (Sapuga)

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  1. 01. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Q&A 01_06-05-2019
  2. 02. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Dhamma Talk 01_06-05-2019
  3. 03. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Q&A 02_07-05-2019
  4. 04. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Dhamma Talk 02_07-05-2019
  5. 05. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Q&A 03_08-05-2019
  6. 06. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Dhamma Talk 03_08-05-2019
  7. 07. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Q&A 04_09-05-2019
  8. 08. RET 209 Sapugiya (Samugiya) Sutta_Dhamma Talk 04_09-05-2019

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