Dasuttara Sutta – Part 06 (In Sinhala)

Buddha Statue from Ek Phnom Battambang Cambodia Photograph by Kim Seng via Flickr

Buddha Statue from Ek Phnom, Battambang, Cambodia. Photograph by Kim Seng via Flickr.

Dasuttara Sutta – Part 06 was the Sutta discourse at the 105th residential retreat at Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Monastery. This Sutta is given a life by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero and it continues to develop as a long and a valuable series.

Dasuttara Sutta is the 34th or the last Sutta of Digha Nikaya preached by the Chief Disciple Most Ven. Sariputta at the Gaggarāpokkharani in Campā, in the presence of the Lord Buddha. It is said that at the end of the discourse five hundred monks became Arahants.

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