An opportunity to help a New Dhamma Project

Dear Friends of the Dhamma,

A group of devoted followers of the Dhamma have got together on an immense but a worthy task. That is to create a website of Tripitaka in Sinhala. The unique capability of this website  – when completed, will be to easily search for a Sutta or any topic from Tripitaka by just typing the name in the search box! That will be very useful when we want to do a search of Tripitaka.

Now this group of dedicated Dhamma friends want help to type the various Suttas. This is a golden opportunity for Sinhala typists who also have some computer literacy. They will get a rare opportunity to give that precious gift of Dhamma Dana in the form of typing the Suttas. Given below is an emailed request I received from a Dhamma friend from U.K. Please contact him directly if you could help the cause through typing the Dhamma.
With Metta,
Aruna Manathunge

Aruna, some our friends in the dhamma have begun on a massive job of typing texts from Buddha Jayanti Tipitaka on to a web page.
I am one of those who contribute towards it. Our target is to complete 1000 suttas by the end of this year. It would be something in the like of Access to Insight in Sinhala.

If you know of anyone who would like to contribute to this pinkama would you please let me know.
Please have a look at the site. Once this has been done, we may be able to do searches, select sections of suttas etc. Because the texts then will appear in searchable format in unicode.

With metta
Vincent Halahakone (

 The Link to the Website:



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