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 Special Notice Number 05 – 07 January 2018
Now the audio links of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 are working.

As most  of our listeners were aware, a large number of the audio files stopped working working due to an update at Dropbox happened on 02 Sept 2017. 

We immediately started a migration process to an existing fall-back system and repair the damage. We have improved the situation significantly. Now we are recovering the audio files of 2013 and beyond.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused due to this situation. Please check here regularly for the latest information on this issue.

The latest re-uploads: Bhikkunopassaya Sutta – 2013, Mogharaja Sutta – 2013Duthiya Gelangña Sutta 2013Girimananda Sutta Vancouver 2013RET 56_Sālā sutta_2013One Day Meditation Retreat in English_01 May 2014Maha Mangala Sutta – 2013

The Latest Dhamma Uploads

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Latest Dhamma Uploads

Dhamma updates made during the last few months are given in that page titled ‘Announcements’. Click each link to reach the respective web pages of those uploads.

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Important Upcoming Events

A Buddhist Forest Monk

  1. Day Retreat in Sinhala at දුටුගැමුණු ආරණ්‍ය සේනාසනය, විජිතපුර,කලාවැව,(පූජ්‍යපාද  තුරුවිල ධම්මවිජය හිමි) යෝගීන්ගේ දානය පිරිනමනු ලැබේ: 24 February 2018 (Click here to reach the web page)
  2. Day Retreat in Sinhala at Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery (Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero): 03 March 2018 (Click here to reach the web page)
  3. Three Days Residential Retreat in English at Kalalgoda: 08 – 11 March 2018: (Click here for the web page)
  4. Day Retreat in Sinhala at Sri Gnanarama Meditation Center, Thalawathugoda (Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero): 17 March 2018 (Click here to reach the web page)
  5. Day Retreat in Sinhala at Lanka Vipassana Meditation Center, Col 07 (Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero): 25 March 2018 (Click here to reach the web page)

17 thoughts on “Notice Board

  1. Dear Anura,
    Bhaya bherava sutta recording is not clear. Is it possible to post in a
    clear one, as it is a very valuable sutta and I would like to listen to it.
    Thank you

  2. Dear Anura,
    Thank you for your efforts in bringing the dhamma to us thru your recordings.
    I in fact listen to a sermon almost every day. It is very enlightening.
    I would like to make a donation this month.
    May you have the required effort to continue your meritious work in the
    year 2018 as well

    • Dear Nilupa,

      Thank you very much for your offer to donate to Damsara! Such encouragements and support help us to continue our work at Damsara. Please keep me informed after you make the contribution.

  3. Dear Aruna,

    I attended the Meditation program at Sri Gnanarama Meditation Center, Thalawathugoda for the first time last Saturday (18/11) with my husband.

    The time spent there was so much valuable and we greatly appreciate your efforts and guidance.

    I would like to know whether there is a weekly meditation program conducted at Sri Gnanarama Meditation Center.

    If so, please let me know the date and time, as we would like to participate if there is a weekend program.

    Theruwan Saranai
    Avanthi Perera

    • Dear Avanthi,

      The meditation program on that day was conducted by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero of Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery. That particular program from Nissaranavanaya monastery is held only once a month.I don’t know whether they conduct any other meditation programs at Sri Gnanarama Meditation Center. You will have to check from that temple.

      Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero is leaving the country on a Dhamma tour to Australia and New Zealand on 07 December 2017. The December meditation program at Sri Gnanarama will be conducted by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana Thero. He is also from Nissaranavanaya Monastery. Incidentally we had another one day program in Colombo on the 19th November 2017 at Lanka Vipassana Meditation Center, Col 07.

      You could always check the following month’s program of Nissaranavanaya regarding One Day programs by scrolling down on the ‘Home’page of Here is a link:

      You could also check the latest additions to Damsara on the ‘”Announcements’page. It is updated regularly. We will update the Australian/Zealand Dhamma recordings of Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero even before he return to Sri Lanka in Feb 2018.Here is a link to that Announcements page:

      Kindly let me know if you wish to subscribe to Damsara Newsletter. We publish some of the most important Dhamma Talks and clips in that newsletter.

      With Metta,


      • Dear Aruna,

        Thank you so much.
        I have already subscribed to the Newsletter as per the information given by you at the Sri Gnanarama Meditation Cente, last Saturday.

        Theruwan Saranai

  4. Dear Anura,
    How can I participate for the Meditation programme at Nissarana meditation centre? Planning to go there in January. Please let me know.
    With Metra,

  5. Dear Aruna,

    Thank you very much for your efforts for uploading damma talks. However basic instruction to meditation and other related files are still not working. I would greatly appreciate if you could upload them as well.

    With metta


  6. I am in search of details and definitions of “Sanga Beda” (divisions of monks) which includes in Anantariaya Papa Karma in Buddhism.
    As there are different views among people, please help me to get the real definition of this.
    If you could inform me the literature where to find this, it would be much helpful.
    Thank you

    • Dear Rohi,
      I don’t know much about this. However, I was informed some time ago by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero that this division of monks could only be done by another monk. Lay people cannot commit that according to Vinaya.

      With Metta,


  7. There is nothing more valuable than this Dhamma knowledge given to the public. For me this worth more than anything in this world.
    Sadu Sadu

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