Vajjiputthaka Sutta

Siri Samanola Senasuna is located inside the Lavant Estate.

Siri Samanola Senasuna is located inside the Lavant Estate, Yatiyanthota, Sri Lanka.

Vajjiputthaka Sutta is a brief and yet a powerful discourse of the Lord Buddha. In this Sutta the monk Vajjiputthaka informs Buddha that the Dhamma is very vast and it is difficult to study and follow all of that. Then the Lord Buddha ask the monk to just follow three areas of development and training to gain the fruits of the vast Dhamma. These areas are higher morality, higher level of Samadhi and higher level of wisdom or Vipassana training.

This valuable teaching was brought to life during our time by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero during a residential meditation retreat at Siri Samanola Senasuna, Yatiyanthota.

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