Donations to Damsara – April 2019

The above named group of Dhamma friends provided Damsara with funds during April 2019. Some of them are regular monthly Donors.

As a result of the above we have cumulatively achieved 22.57% of the 12 months expense budget of 2019.

However, our donations have a deficit of LKR 322,879.00 against the Pro Rata quarterly budget of FY 2019. 

As a result of the donations the Donors join with Damsara to distribute these Gems of Dhamma to the rest of the listeners, viewers and the readers in all parts of the world. There are so many who benefit spiritually and emotionally by listening to the talks, Dhamma Clips and discussions presented at Damsara. These Donors have actually taken part in spreading such fulfillment among other fellow human beings!

They have given an invaluable Dhamma Dana. (ධර්ම දානයක්) !

Details for donating to Damsara could be obtained by clicking here.