The Importance of Relaxation – A Preface from an Important Free E-Book

We highlighted the importance of relaxation when entering into meditation at the recently concluded program for Youth held on 12 October 2013. The value of such a ‘beginner’s mindset’ is always emphasized by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero in his teachings. This was specifically pinpointed in the 05. Instructions and Demonstration on Walking Meditation. You may reach the web page on the program by clicking here.

 Given below is the link to an impressive preface from a free E-Book. The title of the book is ‘Compassion – Bridging Practice and Science’. The preface consists of just two pages and it is valuable to the teachers, Youth as well as those who have practiced meditation for many years. The following need to be highlighted;

  1. It was mentioned during the Q&A session at the Youth Program dated 12 Oct 2013, that a very large number of scientific investigations are being carried out in the USA regarding meditation. The book will provide some glimpses into the magnitude of this ongoing work.
  2. This free e-book will be sent in two days’ time.

Please click here to download the Preface.


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