Health Scheme of Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya Monastery

Health Scheme of Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya Monastery is inaugurated for providing the health needs of the forest monastery monks. We aim to operate this scheme to benefit the monks in the following three main categories.

  1. To establish and incorporate a system integrated parallel to the presently successful ‘Dane’ or provision of meals to the Monks. Henceforth this new parallel system will be called ‘Māsika Saukya Danaya’ in Sinhalese or ‘Monthly Health Dane’.
  2. Establish a separate fund named ‘Health Fund’ for the benefit of the Monastery Monks. The money received to the Health Fund will be used to conduct medical check-ups; purchase of medical equipment’s such as hearing aids and for any expenses related to surgeries.
  3. Establish an Ambulance Service to transport the sick monks to some selected Government Hospitals.

More details of the above services are given below;

  • Māsika Saukya Danaya: Presently a lot of potential Donors call over at the monastery requesting for an opportunity get a date for providing meals to the monks. Almost all of them have to leave without an opportunity as there are established Donor families for each day of a given year. Most of these present meal Donor families have got that opportunity from their parents or grandparents who started it at the time the monastery was incorporated.  They don’t wish to give away that opportunity to others. As a result a large number of potential Dane Donors have to turn back deprived of that opportunity.
    They could get an opportunity in this new Monthly Saukya Danaya system. Even though not involved as in the case of meals Dane (such as staying overnight at the monastery and cooking), this new Saukya Danaya is also an involved one.
    Those who wish to participate will have to obtain the latest list and the prescriptions from the monastery, purchase the medicine from one of the Pharmacies designated by the monastery and hand over the medicine as a Danaya to one of the designated monks at the monastery. As such it is an opportunity available mostly to those who live in Sri Lanka.The medicine required will be what is needed by the Monastery during a given month. As such there will be 12 opportunities available for new Māsika Saukya Danaya Donors.Those who are interested to participate need to write to Aruna Manathunge (email: )  providing the following details.
  1. Name and address of the Donor.
  2. Email address and contact telephone numbers.
  • Health Fund: This is an opportunity available to both local and overseas Donors.  A separate Health Fund for the purpose has been established by Nissarana Vanaya Sanrakshana Mandalaya. Given below is a link to the web page containing detailed information on the account number. This link is from the official website of the monastery.                                                                                                                   Link: 

    Please remember to contribute any donations to the Health Fund specifically to the Peoples Bank, Kirindiwela Branch mentioned on the above linked page.

  • Ambulance Service: Any willing Donor could pay the annual subscription fee for the Ambulance Service.  If there’s going to be a lot of Donors in this category, they could contribute towards the extra charges levied by the Ambulance Service pertaining to each visit.  A suitable service has to be decided upon based on the quality of service.

Those who wish to participate need to write to Aruna Manathunge. (email: )



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