Majje Sutta – Dekanduwala 2010

These talks were delivered by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero during a residential retreat held at Dekanduwala Monastery. These valuable past talks are presented to you for the benefit of present and future generations of Buddha Dhamma practitioners.

The web hosting of these valuable Dhamma series was kindly sponsored by Miss Lasanthi Geekiyanage of Sri Lanka.

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Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk1_Sinhala_6-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A1_Sinhala_6-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk2_Sinhala_07-09-2010.mp3 
Majje Sutta_Q&A2_Sinhala_7-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk3_Sinhala_08-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-3A_Sinhala_8-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-3B_Sinhala_8-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk4_Sinhala_09-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-4A_Sinhala_9-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-4B_Sinhala_9-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk5_Sinhala_10-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk6_Sinhala_11-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-5_Sinhala_11-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-6_Sinhala_11-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk7_Sinhala_12-09-10.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-7A_Sinhala_12-09-10.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-7B_Sinhala_12-09-10.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk8_Sinhala_13-09-10.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-8A_Sinhala_13-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-8B_Sinhala_13-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk9_Sinhala_14-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-9A_Sinhala_14-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-9B_Sinhala_14-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Dhamma Talk10_Sinhala_15-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-10-A_Sinhala_15-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Q&A-10-B_Sinhala_15-09-2010.mp3
Majje Sutta_Conclusion-15-09-10.mp3

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One thought on “Majje Sutta – Dekanduwala 2010

  1. I’ve determined to practice Dhamma instead of gathering knowledge through reading after listening to this Majje Suttra Deshana by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Thero.

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