Brief Dhamma Clips No. 74 – Dhammanupassanawa

Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero explains about Dhammanupassanawa, දස්සනා පහා තබ්බා and the importance of Sathi in the invaluable Brief Dhamma clip.

This Brief Clip of 16 minutes is highly valuable due to the following reasons;

  1. Most Yogis wants to learn about Dhammanupassana in simple terms. The Maha Thero explains it here in simple terms while connecting it to the rest of the Path.
  2. The gradual exercises that leads to දස්සනා පහා තබ්බා is explained beautifully here. This is the discipline needed to realize the first Magga Phala – the state of Sothapatti.
  3. The all pervading importance of Sathi or Mindfulness is once again emphasized over other popular skills such as Saddha and Viriya.

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 Please click here to listen to the Dhamma clip.

This invaluable Brief Clip was taken from 10 RET56 Sālā Sutta – Talk 05_26-09-2013. The clip was taken from the final minutes of the final Dhamma Talk of Sālā Sutta. You could reach that complete talk by clicking this link. 10 RET56 Sālā Sutta – Talk 05_26-09-2013

Please click here to reach the other Brief Dhamma Clips in Sinhala.

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