Special Notice – I will be stopping the E-mailed Dhamma Circulars

Dear Friends,

I have been sending you regular Dhamma Circulars whenever, I uploaded a new webpage. However, this has become a large load of work with each passing month due to the popularity of your Dhamma website https://damsara.org/. I use a paid email service of Yahoo as my main email due to the special services provided by them. Still, I can send one email only to 100 recipients at a time upto a maximum of 500 in a given hour. So I have to send one circular in batches of 100’s into 5 times over many hours. This is in addition to various other works involved such as audio editing, uploading files to Dropbox and preparing the web pages along with the links.

Please be confident that I will continue to upload Dhamma series to damsara.org. There just won’t be any emails to notify you other than in special circumstances.

However, I have setup the https://damsara.org/ site in a special way for you to get emailed notification automatically whenever a new update has been created! Given below are methods for you to get notified:

  1. Auto Emails generated from the website: All you need to do is to visit the ‘Home’ page of damsara.org. The ‘Home’ page is where you go as you visit the site. Just click this link (https://damsara.org/) and you would be directed to the ‘Home’ page. Then on the top right hand corner you could notice a box for your email address. Fill in your email address and click the button ‘Subscribe’. An email will be sent to your address. Check your Inbox and your Spam folder. Find the email and click ‘Confirm Follow’. It’s done. You will receive all uploads whether it is in Sinhala or English. This may not be acceptable for the ‘English Only’ group. Please read on the next.
  2. ‘English Only’ and the ‘Youth’ Groups: I used to send emails according to 3 groups. ‘Sinhala’ group received all – usually there was an upload almost every other day. In future I will be tagging the updates ‘Sinhala’ or ‘English’ so the ‘English’ group can open only those from the auto generated emails or just check the ‘Announcements’ page of the website without registering for auto generated emails. However, please check the site at least once a week as I would be deleting the earlier Announcement notices in order to gain space.  The ‘Youth’ groups do not get the ‘heavy Dhamma stuff’ sent to the adults and receive only the updates relevant to them. As these are few and far in between I will continue to send those until further notice. 
  3. Twitter: I recently started a Twitter account hoping to use it as a method to announce new updates from the website. Those who have a Twitter account and a smartphone could get simple notifications about the uploads directly and immediately. However, some may not like that and would prefer to use the methods given above. I also learned that Twitter has been generating repeated emails asking those in the contacts group to subscribe to Twitter. Repeated requests could be an annoyance. Just go to the bottom of that Twitter email and click on the ‘Stop’ notice given in small letters. You won’t be bothered by those emails anymore.

If you want to re-circulate any of the webpages you like at https://damsara.org/ you could do that now from the webpage itself. Just go to the bottom of that web page and select any from ‘SHARE THIS’ section. You could generate your own email, or Tweet it, or put it on your Facebook or in your Google+ page.

With Metta,

Aruna Manathunge
13 June 2014

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