There may be a positive correlation between Walking Meditation and Cognitive Health.

A recent article that appeared in New York Times Research section could be interesting especially to those who have practiced Walking Meditation for some time. This article was published in 16 July 2012 and it discussed findings of five studies presented at the recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference held in Vancouver. These five studies  provide striking evidence that when a person’s walk gets slower or becomes more variable or less controlled; his cognitive function is also suffering. The article was titled as ‘Footprints to Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Are Seen in Gait’.

What is interesting to the practitioners of Walking Meditation is the reference in the article to ‘dual tasks’. We know that when doing walking meditation the practitioners practice dual and even multiple tasks; feeling the sensation while walking, lifting-placing, lifting – moving – placing etc. So at the end of the article when the writer mentions that the studies may reinforce the possibility that Physical Activity could help stave off dementia, we strongly feel that the Walking Meditation indeed could possibly be one of the most suitable Physical Activities in that regard.

The complete article is given below;

  1. Link to the article from NY Times
  2. A PDF of the article.

We also provide some E-Books below on Walking Meditation. Walking Meditation is a well established practice among the Theravada Buddhist Meditation practitioners. These books are in English as well as in Sinhala.

  1. English medium: Ajahn_Nyanadhammo_Walking_Meditation
  2. Sinhalese medium: sakman_bawanawa_by_u_dhammajiva_maha_thero
  3. Sinhalese medium: sakmana


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