Still Flowing Water, by Ajahn Chah (A new translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu)

Dear Friends of the Dhamma,

We are pleased to provide a collection of eight new or significantly revised translations of the late Thai monk, Most Ven Ajahn Chah’s Dhamma talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Two of them have never been translated before into English, and four of them are based on entirely new Thai transcriptions of the best and most complete source recordings available.

“Dhamma is a condition that can cut through and reduce the problems and difficulties in the human heart—reducing them, reducing them until they’re gone” Ajahn Chah

This Dhamma e-book is for free distribution only and three e-book formats are provided for the benefit of the Dhamma readers. The PDF format could be used on computers and large Android tablets. The mobi format is provided for those who use Amazon Kindle devices. The epub version is provided for the benefit of others who use some other brands of e-reader devices.

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  1. Trying to download the e book Still flowing water PDF version but unable to do so as Drop Box error 404 appears. Please help. Thank you.

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