Life with Ajahn Chah by Ajahn Nyanadhammo

Ajahn Nyanadhammo is a direct disciple of the late great Thai Monk Ajahn Chah. The following videos are based on a talk given by Ajahn Nyanadhammo at the Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day on 16 January 2010 in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

Ajahn Nyanadhammo informs us what life was like living with Ajahn Chah. He tells many great stories of Ajahn Chah, and conveys how skillful a teacher he really was, always leading by example. These simple and powerful videos are recommended to all the Buddhists.

Life with Ajahn Chah (1 of 2) by Ajahn Nyanadhammo

Life with Ajahn Chah (2 of 2) by Ajahn Nyanadhammo.

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