Free E Book: The Surangama Sutta (English)

We are pleased to send you the link to another book regularly quoted by Most Ven.U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero. The Maha Thero specifically draw our attention to the 50 ‘Devils’ mentioned in the book. These 50 ‘Devils’ are various obstacles encountered by the advancing Yogis on the Path. Another way to look at it is as various traps laid down by the ‘Mara’ (වසවත්ති මාර) to the progressing Yogi.

The Surangama Sutra has been held in great esteem in the Mahayana Buddhist countries of East and Southeast Asia for over a thousand years. Its appeal lies in the broad scope of its teachings and in the depth and clarity of its prescriptions for contemplative practice. Its wealth of theoretical and practical instruction in the spiritual life often made it the first major text to be studied by newly ordained monks, particularly in the Chan School. 

Please click this link to download the free PDF of the Sutta.

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