Ven. Thuruvila DhammaVijaya Thero

Buddhist Monks walking on U Bein Bridge, Myanmar. It is the longest bridge in the world made of teak wood.

Ven. Thuruvila DhammaVijaya Thero is a pupil of Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero. He went to Myanmar in December 2014 and practiced meditation under the late Sayadaw U. Pandita Maha Thero for nearly one year.

The Thero went to Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Senasanaya of Kalaweva, Anuradhapura at the time when the Dhamma connection was initiated with Nissaranavanaya Monastery. Ven. Thuruvila DhammaVijaya Thero has now established at Vijithapura Aranya Senasanaya.

The latest are the recordings of 26th May 2018 uploaded on 31 May 2018.

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  1. 01. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Dhamma Talk_31-12-2016
  2. 02. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q&A_31-12-2016
  3. 03. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Dhamma Talk_28-01-2017
  4. 04. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Dhamma Talk_25-02-2017
  5. 05. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_25-03-2017
  6. 06. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Dhamma Talk_25-03-2017
  7. 07. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_29-04-2017
  8. 08. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Dhamma Talk_29-04-2017
  9. 09. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_27-05-2017
  10. 10. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Dhamma Talk_27-05-2017
  11. 11. Girimananda Sutta – Anicca Sanna_24-06-2017
  12. 12. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_24-06-2017
  13. 13. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_29-07-2017
  14. 14. Girimananda Sutta_Anicca Sanna 02_29-07-2017
  15. 15. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_26-08-2017
  16. 16. Girimananda Sutta_Anatta Sanna_26-08-2017
  17. 17. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_30-09-2017
  18. 18. Girimananda Sutta_Asubha Sanna_30-09-2017
  19. 19. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_28-10-2017
  20. 20. Girimananda Sutta_Ādinava Sanna_28-10-2017
  21. 21. Girimananda Sutta_Pahāna Sañña_25-11-2017
  22. 22. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q_A_30-12-2017
  23. 23. Girimananda Sutta_Viraga Sañña_30-12-2017
  24. 24. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q&A_27-01-2018
  25. 25. Girimananda Sutta_Nirodha Sañña_27-01-2018
  26. 26. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya Q&A_31-03-2018
  27. 27. Girimananda Sutta_Sabba Loke Anabhirata Sañña_31-03-2018
  28. 28. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya_Q&A_28-04-2018
  29. 29. Girimananda Sutta_Sabba Sankaresu Anicca Sanna_28-04-2018
  30. 30. Vijithapura Dutugamunu Aranya_Q&A_26-05-2018
  31. 31. Girimananda Sutta_Anapanasathi_26-05-2018

Girimananda Sutta completed.


One thought on “Ven. Thuruvila DhammaVijaya Thero

  1. Dear Aruna
    At times we are at a loss to find words to justify your untiring dedication to the propagation of Dhamma for the benefit of us.Your enthusiasm and keenness to specifically point out the Dhamma Talks helps us to strengthen our spiritual knowledge to expedite our cessation of cycle of births.
    We will share all our merits to you in your endeavour to attain the bliss of Nibbana.
    Rohi De Alwis

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