Upanisa Sutta

Upanisa Sutta was the Sutta taken for the discourses during the 99 Th residential meditation retreat conducted at Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery. The discourses were conducted in Sinhala by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero during end July 2015.

Upanisa Sutta (or Discourse on Supporting Conditions), from Nidanasamyutta of Samyutta Nikaya is of tremendous doctrinal importance. Its great significance according to Bhikku Bodhi, derives from the striking juxtaposition it makes of two applications of “dependent arising”(paticcasamuppada), the principle of conditionality which lies at the heart of the Buddha’s doctrine. (Please click the following link to read more: A Translation and Exposition of the Upanisa Sutta by Bhikku Bodhi)

We are pleased to provide a PDF of the Sutta from Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka. Please click here to download the PDF of the Sutta.

To listen directly: Please left click on the link to listen directly. Once the link is clicked, you will be directed to a separate page containing the talk. Usually the file starts to play in that window. If it doesn’t you could highlight the browser window and click ‘reload this page’. It will start to play.

To download: You could download the file by right clicking on the link and then selecting “save as” from the drop down menu.

  1. 01 RET 99 Upanisa Sutta_Q&A 01_27-07-2015
  2. 02 RET 99 Upanisa Sutta_Dhamma Talk 01_27-07-2015
  3. 03 RET 99 Upanisa Sutta_Q&A 02_28-07-2015
  4. 04 RET 99 Upanisa Sutta_Dhamma Talk 02_28-07-2015
  5. 05 RET 99 Upanisa Sutta_Q&A 03_29-07-2015
  6. 06 RET 99 Upanisa Sutta_Dhamma Talk 03_29-07-2015
  7. 07 RET 99 Upanisa Sutta_Q&A 04_30-07-2015

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