Suseema Sutta Part 1 – Aug’ 2011

This discourse was given by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero during a residential retreat conducted at Meetirigala Nissaranavanaya Monastery during Aug’ 2011.

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සුසීම සූත්‍රය

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1 – Discussion 01_Suseema Sutta_1
2 – Dhamma Desana 01_Introduction_Suseema Sutta-1
3 – Dhamma Desana 02_Vedanaskandaya_Suseema Sutta-1
4 – Discussion 02_Suseema Sutta_1
5 – Dhamma Desana 03_Sannaskandaya_Suseema Sutta-1
6 – Dhamma Desana 04_Sankaraskandaya_Suseema Sutta-1
7 –  Discussion 03_Suseema Sutta_1
8 – Dhamma Desana 05_Suseema Sutta-1
9 – Dhamma Desana 06_Vinnanaskandaya_Suseema Sutta-1
10 – Discussion 04_Suseema Sutta_1
11 – Dhamma Desana 07_Anichchanu Passanava_Suseema Sutta_1
12 – Dhamma Desana 08_Vedananupassanava_Suseema Sutta_1
13 – Discussion 05_Suseema Sutta_1
14 – Dhamma Desana 09_Suseema Sutta_1
15 – Dhamma Desana 10_Suseema Sutta_1

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