Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 07 (Final): August 2012

We are pleased to send you Part 07 of Maha Chattarisaka Sutta recorded at Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery of Sri Lanka. This Part 07 of the Sutta series was conducted in August 2012 at a residential meditation retreat by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero. It is the final part of this series.

The audio editing of this Part 7 was generously sponsored by Mr Wimal Liyanage of Australia. He wish to pass on the merits of this Dhamma Dana to his departed beloved mother Mrs Karunawathi Ubesekara and dear sister Wimala Liyanage.

All suttas in one way or another describe the Path to Nibbāna; there are many ways to analyze the Path. The Path to Nibbāna is normally abbreviated as sila (virtue), samādhi (moral concentration), and paññā (wisdom).

Maha Chattarisaka Sutta is important for illuminating some of the dynamics of the Eightfold Path. In particular, it describes two ways the eight factors work together, one linear and one non-linear. This sutta discusses two eight fold paths: A mundane path that leads to rebirth in the “good realms” (at or above the human realm) and the Noble Eightfold Path that leads to Nibbāna.

We are pleased to provide the translated texts of the Sutta in both Sinhala and English below;

  1. මහාචත්තාරීසක සූත්‍රය  (In Sinhala from
  2. Maha-Cattarisaka Sutta (In English from
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  1. 01 – Introduction_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7
  2. 02 – Instructions on Meditation_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7
  3. 03 – Q&A 01_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7
  4. 04 – Dhamma Talk 01_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7
  5. 05 – Q&A 02_Most Ven. U. Dhammaransi Maha Thero
  6. 06 – Dhamma Talk_Most Ven  Dhammaransi Maha Thero
  7. 07- Dhamma Talk 02_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7
  8. 08 – Q&A 03_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7
  9. 09 – Dhamma Talk 03_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7
  10. 10 – Dhamma Talk 04_Maha Chattarisaka Sutta – Part 7

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