Chethokhila Sutta – චෙතොඛිල සූත්‍රය

Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero conducted a ten day residential retreat at Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Forest Monastery during mid July 2017. The Maha Thero selected Chethokhila Sutta for Dhamma sermons during the retreat. Chethokhila Sutta is from Majjima Nikaya, Mulapannasakaya. In this detailed Sutta the Lord Buddha advised the monks about ten defilements which are similar to sharp and piercing objects. These difficult piercing objects need to be identified and removed in order to advance on the Path.

Please click the following link to reach the text of the sutta in Sinhala from චෙතොඛිල සූත්‍රය

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  1. 01. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 01_17-07-2017
  2. 02. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 01_17-07-2017
  3. 03. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 02_18-07-2017
  4. 04. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 02_18-07-2017
  5. 05. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 03_19-07-2017
  6. 06. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 03_19-07-2017
  7. 07. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 04_20-07-2017
  8. 08. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 04_20-07-2017
  9. 09. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 05_21-07-2017
  10. 10. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 05_21-07-2017
  11. 11. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 06_22-07-2017
  12. 12. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 06_22-07-2017
  13. 13. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 07_23-07-2017
  14. 14. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 07_23-07-2017
  15. 15. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 08_24-07-2017
  16. 16. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 08_24-07-2017
  17. 17. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Q&A 09_25-07-2017
  18. 18. RET 152 Chethokhila Sutta_Dhamma Talk 09_25-07-2017

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