Important Brief Dhamma Clips Nos.82 to 87 (In Sinhala)

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We are pleased to provide some important Dhamma Clips from RET63 Maha Sunyatha Sutta – Part 1 conducted by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero.

Clips Nos. 82 and 83 are selected from 08 RET63 Maha Sunyatha Sutta – Part 1_Interview 02_08-02-2014. The first clip, explains as to how Sati could help to maintain Samadhi. It also emphasize the importance of correct attitude that is needed to achieve that. The clip is 6 minutes long.
82. සතිය සහ සමාධිය

The second Clip explains a deep, subtle and an invaluable aspect needed for the progress of the Yogi/Yogini. The level explained here is difficult to master but is a very important juncture. Once the practitioner masters it he/she will achieve a major shift in emotional balance. This invaluable clip is 7 minutes long.
83. සංසිඳීම සහ ඇවිස්සීම

The 3rd and the 4th Clips are selected from 10 RET63 Maha Sunyatha Sutta – Part 1_Dhamma Talk 05_11-02-2014. Both clips are given as part of a single topic and it touches an essential part of Maha Sunyatha Sutta. In the 4th clip the listener gets another definition for the word Sangha. The clip No. 84 is 10 minutes long and No. 85 is 11 minutes long.
84. උත්තරීතර හුදකලාව – 1
85. උත්තරීතර හුදකලාව – 2

The 5th and the 6th Clips are taken from 12 RET63 Maha Sunyatha Sutta – Part 1_Interview 03_12-02-2014. The 5th clip is somewhat humorous but reveals a closed area of most human minds. It is 5 minutes long.
86. අම්මාට ඇති ආදරය

In the 6th Clip the the Maha Thero provides an unexpected answer to a question raised by a Yogi. It is 9 minutes long.
87. බුදු වත 

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