Overcoming Hindrances and Gaining Rewards

We are pleased to add another invaluable addition to the Beginners Instructions on Meditation. We selected this 49 minutes section of a Dhamma talk delivered by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero due to the following benefits.

  1. A large percentage of the Beginners give up their practice early due to difficulties. They don’t get adequate instructions to overcome these persistent difficulties – especially the Hindrances. This Clip provides those instructions but proceed to go even further to the level of the initial ‘rewards’. It takes the Beginner to the level of ‘Beautiful Breath’ as explained by some other teachers. This is very encouraging to a Beginner.
  2. It emphasizes the interplay of the all-important ‘Mindfulness’ or Sathi- Sampajañña and the skillful employment of ‘Noting’ or ‘මෙනෙහි කිරීම’. There are various levels to ‘Noting’ and it helps the Yogi/Yogini to both to overcome the hindrances and to keep the faculties pristine clear. The Mindfulness has to be quite sharp in order to maintain that balance. This aspect is valuable to even the Advancing Yogis.

Please click here to download this 49 minutes instruction.

This clip was taken from 06 RET 63 Maha Sunyatha Sutta – Part 1_Dhamma Talk 03_09-02-2014

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