Vipassana Sammā Dhittiya

We are pleased to provide yet another instruction in meditation for the Advanced practitioners. This is taken from 17 – Chula Vedalla Sutta 36, of Part 2  given by Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero. The talk is given in its entirety for the benefit of the Yogis. We believe it is valuable to the Advanced Yogis due to the following reasons.

  1. The talk explains that the Nobel Eight Fold Path is developed within the three practices of Silā, Samādhi and Pragñā.
  2. The order of the practice changes from Silā, Samādhi and Pragñā to Pragñā, Silā and Samādhi at the level of the Nobel Eight Fold Path.
  3. A large number of yogis (whether they are ordained or not) cannot achieve the final fruits of the Path. They may even achieve supernatural powers but still fail to realize the Magga Phala. The Maha Thero explains as to why a large number of Yogis who practice for many years fail to achieve the fruits of the Path.
  4. Finally Maha Thero points out six important factors that will facilitate the striving Yogi to continue on the correct Path.

It is best to listen to this after listening to 08 – Sammā Dhittiya, a meditation instruction provided for the Advancing Yogis.

Please click below to listen to the instruction;

 04 -Vipassana Sammā Dhittiya is necessary even to enter the Middle Path

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