04. Non-reaction in Meditation.

We are pleased to provide yet another valuable instruction in meditation for the Beginners. This 3.5 minutes clip is taken from the Q&A session of Āsivisopama Sutta conducted by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero in Toronto, Canada during 2013. It is taken from No.13 – Q&A 07_Āsivisopama Sutta

We value this Dhamma clip due to the following reasons;

  1. Learning to pay attention non-judgmentally without any reactions to whatever arise in the field of experience is a main skill that needs to be developed by the practitioners of mindfulness meditation. This is highlighted in the clip.
  2. This non-reactivity is vital to the progress and the maturity of the practice. It is a precious seed that will help in the development of Insight Knowledge.
  3. Even practitioners with many years of training, experience ”poor results” in practice due to thoughts and other ”distractions”. This clip is valuable even to those experienced practitioners because any experience is valid if the practitioner could become aware of them non-judgmentally and non-reactively – without getting swept away by those ‘distractions’.

Please click here link to listen to this valuable clip.

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