Sangiti Sutta – සඞ්ගීති සූත්‍රය

Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero initiated a new Saturday Dhamma Discussion series based on Sangiti Sutta for the Monks of Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya Monastery.

Sangiti Sutta is the thirty third sutta of the Digha Nikaya, preached at Ubbhataka, the new Mote Hall of the Mallas of Pava. They had invited the Buddha to consecrate it by preaching there, and this he did until late into the night. Then, seeing that his audience wished for more, he asked Ven. Sariputta to continue the preaching while the Lord Buddha rested. Ven. Sariputta therefore preached the Sangiti Sutta, at the end of which the Lord Buddha expressed his great appreciation of Ven. Sariputta’s exposition.

This sutta, like the Dasuttara, is arranged in a new plan – which is regularly followed in the Anguttara Nikaya of grouping the points or chief items brought forward, numerically, in arithmetical progression – in this case 1 to 10. This scheme is a kind of thematic index to the doctrines scattered through the Four Nikayas.

The Sarvastivadins held this Sutta in high esteem, and included it (under the name of Sangitipariyaya) among the seven books constituting their Abhidhamma Pitaka. The Tibetan recensions attribute the Sutta to Maha Kotthita.

The sutta treats of the dasadhamma (or ten conditions) in much the same way as the Puggala Pannatti deals with the dasapuggala (ten individuals).

Please click here to reach the text of the sutta in Sinhala and Pali at සඞ්ගීති සූත්‍රය

The latest update is No. 08 uploaded on 13 February 2018

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To be continued…….

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