Donation to Damsara – February 2023

Leaves of the Bodhi Tree.

The following Friend of the Dhamma supported Damsara with a donation during February 2023.
Dhamma listeners and viewers can help this valuable Dhamma service through Donations. These Donations are used to maintain the website, making payments for various overseas (in US$) and local services (in LKR) and for upgrading of computers and other equipment used for Dhamma work.

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May the merits of this Dhamma Dana help this current and the past donors to realize the fruits of the Dhamma throughout their remaining Samsara!  As a result of these donations, those Donors joined with Damsara to distribute the Gems of Dhamma to the rest of the listeners, viewers and the readers in all parts of the world. There are so many who benefit spiritually and emotionally by listening to the talks, audio and video Dhamma Clips, discussions, Dhamma Newsletters and Dhamma Videos presented through Damsara Dhamma service.

These Donors have taken part in spreading such fulfillment among other fellow human beings!

They have given an invaluable Dhamma Dana. (ධර්ම දානයක්) !