How to Donate to

How to Donate

  1. Deposit to the Bank account: Direct deposits could be made to the account at Sampath Bank. The deposits could even be made anonymously according to the wishes of the Donor. Please click here for the bank details.
  2. Some are used to services such as Ria,Westernunion and MoneyGram  It is both easy and safe to send money even through the internet using these services. Given in the next link are more details about internet transfers made through Western Union directly to a bank account. This will be easy for the Donors from the United States as they could use their credit or debit cards.

         Learn How to Send Money Online through Westernunion

Please inform me in advance if you wish to donate through Westernunion. 

3. A method to donate directly to my Sampath Bank account even using credit               cards is through Ria Money Transfer. It has many additional advantages such as               money tracking, calculating the end collection value etc.

 4Possibly the best method for donating from Australia: Donating                                     through Kapruka is both less costly and faster than sending through a bank. It                 appears that even payments could be made through Pay Pal account making it               hassle free and worry free. Details on that could be found in their                                     Our Services web page.

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