69. The Physical Body, the Belief in a Soul and Sakkāya Dhitti

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Most Ven U Dhammajiva Maha Thero explains about the physical Body, the belief in a soul and Sakkāya Dhitti in this important Brief Dhamma Clip. The Maha Thero uses an interesting example to explain this subtle connection. This clip is 10 minutes long and it is recommended to those who wish to learn more about Sakkāya Dhitti. As you are aware Sakkāya Dhitti is one important fetter eliminated by the Stream Enterer (One attaining the Sothapatti level).

The Pali Canon recognizes four levels of Awakening, the first of which is called Stream Entry. This gains its name from the fact that a person who has attained this level has entered the “stream” flowing inevitably to Nibbana. He/she is guaranteed to achieve full awakening within seven lifetimes at most, and in the interim will not be reborn in any of the lower realms.

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69. The Physical Body, the Belief in a Soul and Sakkāya Dhitti

The above invaluable Clip is taken from 07 – Chula Vedalla Sutta 06 of Chula Vedalla Sutta_Part 1. A deep and an invaluable explanation is given by the Maha Thero regarding various facets of the Physical Body and Sakkāya Dhitti. You can reach that valuable Dhamma Talk by clicking the following link.

07 – Chula Vedalla Sutta 06

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