“Wake Up!”; the world’s leading climate science body warns of dangerous and extreme weather in Australia.

Dear Friends,

This is not a conventional Buddhist or Dhamma article that usually appear on damsara.org. It is even not a rallying call to the public regarding the importance of climatic control. The objective of this article to draw the readers attention to two very important facts which is missed by us most of the time.

  1. Most often people are animals of groupthink. They tend to follow what is done by the others in their group.
  2. Almost all the people think (even so called Buddhists) deep down that some of the ‘good things’ will not change. – At least not by that much.

Now, some realities from our Sri Lankan society. A great lot of parents spend their savings and even sell the only house own by them (I know some personally) to send their children particularly to Australian Universities with the hope that they will be able to settle down and live happily ever after! This is the current trend and vogue in our society. Parents and children feel very bad if they are unable to do that. This is a classic example of groupthink.

This also happen as people hold on to the current good things and extrapolate that to the future. The good things will not change – at least not by that much. This is what they like to think. Sadly this may not be as the following article that appeared in today’s (23 March 2014) The Sydney Morning Herald informs us.

These changes have already started and will be increasingly felt during your children’s life times. Are you teaching them to focus on the correct things? Are You? Are You?

Given below is a direct link to The Sydney Morning Herald
Also included is a copy of the same article as a web link: “Wake Up!”; the world’s leading climate science body warns of dangerous and extreme weather in Australia


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