Hosting Dhamma Talks

The edited Dhamma talks could be hosted on Damsara web site with the permission of the preaching monk or nun free of charge for the benefit of present and future listeners of Dhamma talks. However, kindly note that these talks will be assessed for quality of Dhamma content prior to hosting at the site. The language of the talks could be English, Sinhala or any other language along with English translations.

This will be especially beneficial to various Buddhist groups who don’t have their own web sites.  In addition it is beneficial to those living in countries with poor internet facilities such as Burma. Damsara Dhamma Portal provides a  valuable service to propagate the Dhamma teachings in the following unique ways.

  1. Sri Lankan Buddhist Groups: Most often Sri Lankan Buddhist groups from all over the world invite famous Sri Lankan monks to conduct Dhamma Talks and meditation retreats in their respective countries. Such sessions could be edited and hosted at Damsara web site for the benefit of a larger number of listeners.
  2. Global Buddhist Groups: Similarly, local Buddhist groups in Singapore, Australia, USA, U.K., Malaysia and other countries invite Buddhist meditation masters from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand and from such countries to conduct retreats or Dhamma Talks in their countries. Such sessions in English or which have English translations could be edited and hosted at Damsara web site.
  3. Talks of Great Dhamma TeachersThere are many great Dhamma teachers of Theravada tradition in countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Some of them remain unknown to the global community and their valuable teachings remain available only to a few local followers. Now, Damsara provide a vital service to edit and host the talks of such great teachers of Dhamma and make those available to the greater Buddhist community.

Please contact Aruna Manathunge ( for further details.

5 thoughts on “Hosting Dhamma Talks

  1. I am highly interested in listening to Dhamma Sermons of those Great Dhamma Teachers.
    How can I access/download them.?

    Thank you.
    Rohi De Alwis

    • Dear Rohi,

      You can check the Dhamma sermons from both Dhamma in Sinhala and Dhamma in English sections. You can also check the ‘Announcements’ page for the latest uploads.

      With Metta,

      Aruna Manathunge

  2. Dear Mr. Manathunge
    Can i know the year plane or time table of Dhammajiva theros Dhamma Desana…. please inform me

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