Ven. Mankadawala Sudassana Thero of Labunoruwakanda Forest Monastery, Sri Lanka

Venerable Mankadawala Sudassana Thero is the Chief Meditation Master of Labunoruwakanda Forest Monastery at Muriyakadawela, Galenbindunuweva, Sri Lanka. He is unique in his way of delivering the Buddha’s message to us. The Thero’s talks are enriched with concepts and explanations from Abhidhamma yet demonstrating the direct application of Dhamma in daily life for purification of the mind. The Thero encourages us to verify whether what we hear as Dhamma is in conformity with the four noble truths.

  1. Salayatana_11 September 2001
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More than 100 other valuable Dhamma talks of Ven. Mankadawala Sudassana Thero could be downloaded from a website dedicated to the Thero. Please click this link to reach