Audio Editing

With proper editing and enhancement, a well recorded Dhamma talk could be developed to sound as it was recorded inside a professional studio. Such recordings could be even burned as CD’s for distribution. Similarly, poorly recorded audio files could be restored to acceptable standards with careful audio editing work.

It is important to provide the unedited original audio recordings for audio editing to Not much improvement could be made to already poorly edited audio files as such attempts change the composition of the audio file. It is advised to make the original audio recording in a lossless format such as WAV or PCM. Original files for editing could be copied to either a CD or a DVD and sent for editing via courier or post. Even sending it through the web using Dropbox or a similar service is acceptable.

Please contact Aruna Manathunge (email: for further details.

This is a unique opportunity offered only through Damsara.

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  1. I would like to sponsor dhamma talks and Q& A series held at Dunedin NEW ZEALNAD ,JANUARY 2013. Please let me know the details.


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